About the partners


The upDESIGN partnership consists of 6 partners of VET providers and innovation experts, adult education and research organisations  from UK, Austria, Italy, Greece and Spain. The selection of partners was based on their expertise and the main areas of work each have been carrying out for long time in providing training and guidance to low qualified, disadvantaged young adults, the final beneficiaries of this project. The core activities and individual strengths of each partner are also reflected in their main tasks within the project and will therefore ideally contribute to an effective transfer into the VET sector.

ClearSpringboard Opps Ltd logo_72Springboard Opportunities will take responsibility for coordinating the project, particularly regarding consensus building among consortium, and will play a leading role in the development of all outputs but particularly for Output 1. In addition, Springboard will lead the dissemination (providing the related plan and the majority of tools), organise proof reading of all final products in English and coordinate the exploitation.

best_logoBEST Institut GmbH will act as lead development partner, benefiting from long-term experience in LLP projects and a good national, as well as international network to education stakeholders, training providers and learning centres; furthermore, the more than 300 staff members, mainly trainers, teachers and guidance counselors, will benefit from this project.
In addition, BEST will contribute to all other activities, support the lead partner, external evaluator and partners in general. BEST will organise one consortium meeting, contribute to the Project Mgt. Committee and work groups, as well as national meetings with stakeholders, target groups and final beneficiaries.

abele_logoConsorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro bring a thorough analysis of job placements, in consultation with the member cooperatives and with all those territories which for various reasons are engaged in this issue. The activities of the Consortium develop on the basis of a twofold objective: to create jobs for disadvantaged people and to promote the culture of social inclusion through work. It has given rise to a number of designs that are characterized by orientation courses conducted by networking with other local services, social work aimed at the inclusion of disadvantaged people, which develop through the activation of the following services: reception, information, guidance, advice guidance, vocational guidance, skills assessment, job placement support, activation of internships, mentoring and advising businesses on the current legislation.

logo_fva1FVA show long-term experience in developing creative and innovative solutions in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit/aptitude and employability of disadvantaged groups of learners, in particular young clients facing social challenges. The institute is very active in respective product design and will bring in its particular knowledge, e.g. when it comes to design attractive and motivating products to be used by teachers/trainers and learners. Due to their knowledge and experience, FVA will also particularly provide added value to all dissemination activities foreseen in upDESIGN.

logo_iekep2The Institute of Training & Vocational Guidance (IEKEP) has carried out numerous programmes (VET training, educational courses, counselling programmes, projects) aimed at supporting young disadvantaged learners with skills improvement, personality-oriented work and social interaction training in order to enhance their chances in the labour market and/or set up entrepreneurial pathways for these learners. In doing this, IEKEP has always been focused on developing new, innovative and successful implementation models applied by teachers/trainers/counsellors, in order to establish a maximum benefit for their learners.

infodef_logo1The Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training – INFODEF is currently working in several national and international projects targeted at skills improvement and counselling support for young disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. The organisation shows considerable capacity and experience in terms of pedagogical and conceptual development work and disposes of a strong and very active network of local, regional, national and European stakeholders that will also support sustainable implementation of our upDESIGN products and approaches.