About the project

The main pedagogic outcomes, the upDESIGN CURRICULUM, the Teaching and Training HANDBOOK and the TOOLKIT on how to support and motivate young disadvantaged adult learners by employability skills will offer guidelines on the underlying concept for adult and vocational education providers and their staff, as well as hold didactic teaching (and learning) materials to practically use with their final beneficiaries. The products will focus on how to empower young learners in terms of their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit/aptitude, basic skills (reading, writing, product descriptions), ICT skills (internet research, design of magazines, creating texts and pics), organisational and communication skills (reporting, interviewing), financial literacy (purchase of materials, calculations) etc. Pedagogically, the project will follow principles of self-organised and self-directed learning in order to enable learners to gain ownership of their educational and personal pathways.

upDESIGN shall improve the quality in adult education and VET systems by offering innovative approaches and contents. The main and first project impact will be that V/ET providers, their teachers, trainers and counselors will have innovative materials to empower young adult disadvantaged learners by employability skills via motivational methods and practical tools. They will also be able to multiply the results into other organisations in their countries and beyond.
The long-term impact envisaged is increased participation in lifelong learning and society of groups otherwise excluded from educational measures and the society, as well as the improvement of their employability. Furthermore, the fact that, in this way,materials will be used for upcycling processes will help to save energy, money and gain new products.