1 – Employability skills

Some examples of Employability skills are:
Organisational (e.g. planning / monitoring / structuring / evaluating work processes), Entrepreneurial spirit and skills (e.g. Self empowerment, management of mini projects, marketing and promoting, negotiation)

Upcycling a Lampshade. We ❤ Chintz!

In January I made a little resolution that 2014 is the year to finish what I started. I have so many projects that I start, then get bored of and stuff in a cupboard. So I starting forcing myself to finish things… and it was really satisfying! I put buttons on coats that have been in a pile for a year. I fixed a bag that had a broken catch. I sewed trim on an apron I made about 6 months ago. Being productive is addictive! On the top of a pile was a lampshade I bought from a car boot sale 3 years ago. Yep. For 3 years it has been sat there taking up room. I decided to upcycle it with some lovely fabric I had leftover from a dress:



Pioneering Greeks – Salty Bag, the First Upcycling Company in Greece

saltybagWelcome to “Pioneering Greeks”, the new weekly column of GTP Headlines, which highlights the Greeks that stand out for their creative thinking in the business world. “Pioneering Greeks” is a collaboration between LoveGreece.com and Greek Travel Pages (GTP).

This week we introduce Salty Bag, the first upcycling company in Greece. Salty Bag makes bags and travel gear using sails that have spent their lives in the Greek seas and carry stories.
Adding to the unique nature of each bag, the company tracks down and curates the life-story of each sail they use including it in a booklet that comes with each bag.

Inspired by the dynamism and creativity of the Greek entrepreneurial spirit, LoveGreece was founded in 2013 as an initiative to boost and promote the country’s image abroad by profiling talented and successful Greeks. With their ethos and vision, Greece’s entrepreneurs and professionals are an important aspect of the country worth highlighting to the world. LoveGreece is powered by Gina Mamidaki, the founder of the G & A Mamidakis Foundation.

Happy National Upcycling Day

As you will know this time last week I was up in London at the Gumtree #upcyclerevolution Event, where we announced the launch of National Upcycling Day. I took part in the Upcycling Blogger Challenge and had a fantastic night mixing with fellow upcyclers and supporters of the upcycling community. ( sorry ‘upcycling community’ sounds like a support group for people with skip diving addiction but we really are all very normal and cool !)

I had upcycled an 1980s orange pine computer cabinet into a dressing table and it was so lovely to hear such positive comments about my work. The winner of the challenge was super clever, he had upcycled a drum kit into toy storage and a lamp for a playroom using comic wallpaper but all the entries were genius. They are now all up for sale on Gumtree so grab yourself something quick smart. It was lovely to hang out with the King of Upcycling Max McMurdo whose enthusiasm is just so contagious. Here are a few pics that Gumtree took that night, look how happy upcyclers all are!!


Fantastic Repurposed Earrings

Here’s a pair of lovely, lengthy earrings – along with a little mystery.
Can you guess which inexpensive item I took apart, altered and reworked to make them?  Now, don’t be hasty!  We are playing on the honor system here, so don’t scroll until you have a guess firmly seated in your brain pan.
Are you ready to scroll?  Here we go…



We fell in love with Karianne’s clock the moment we laid eyes on it. It’s so orignal and creative, not to mention perfectly placed on that chalkboard wall. *Swoon* I’m already brainstorming how I can use this idea somewhere-anywhere- in my house. Because Karianne took the number one spot, this project is going to be featured on Hometalk and Homes.com. Woohoo! Take it away, Karianne!